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Tooth position corrections

Invisible - Little effort with a big effect

Small inconsistencies in the tooth position can have a major negative impact on the perception of beauty.

At the latest if smiling or an extensive laugh is limited by this, you should think about a slight corrections to tooth position. It is not as complex as many patients tend to think. 

The only requirement is healthy and caries-free teeth or fully treated teeth (e.g. filling therapy completed).




Our practice is InvisalignGo certified. With over 5 million successfully treated patients, Invisalign is the global leader in aligner manufacturing. InvisalignGo is specifically designed for the aesthetically relevant zone and treatments usually take 3-6 months. The InvisalignGo system enables a quick acquisition of all data through a whole jaw scan. Photos are taken directly using a specially developed app. A digital treatment proposal is available within a few days and the simulation can be reviewed on the computer together with the patient. The patient sees the initial situation and can follow the treatment step by step up to the target tooth position. The patient can then decide whether he would like the treatment to be carried out. 

Are you interested in a tooth correction? Then we would be happy to advise you.

The process

If the decision has been made to proceed with the treatment, the corresponding invisable aligners are custom-made for the patient. Attachments (small plastic dots) usually have to be glued to some teeth in order to support the correct tooth movement. With every aligner the end result is getting closer. The aligners should be worn 22 h per day, ideally they are only removed before meals. They are worn for two weeks at the beginning, then changed weekly. Every now and then there is a check in the dentist's office. 

When the desired result is achieved, the new tooth position is fixed by a retainer. In total, the treatment lasts between three and six months. Our patients are enthusiastic about their results!

We would be happy to provide advice to you as well.