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Pediatric dentistry – good dental health right from the start

Positive first dentist experiences

It goes without saying that little ones are always welcome at our practice too. Our team includes experienced mothers who are able to empathize with your child. Our first experiences at the dentist are formative, and crucial in determining how we deal with going to the dentist in later life. For us, it is a real priority to ensure that your child goes home feeling positive about the experience, and that he or she returns to the practice with this same feeling. With child-friendly care and attention, “going to the dentist” need not be associated with “fear”. In order to achieve this, it is essential that treatments be pain-free and that a trusting relationship is established.

Close collaboration between practice team, parents and child

Ideally, we want to prevent the need for any dental intervention by implementing good home dental hygiene and observing the ground rules for healthy nutrition. Children should come in for a dental examination once a year, and should ideally leave the practice without having to undergo any treatment. We build positive relationships with a child-friendly and exciting introduction to independent dental care and tooth-cleaning techniques. And as parents, your help is crucial. After all, healthy teeth as a child are the basis of future dental health.

Tooth accident – what to do

In the event of a tooth accident, it is important to remain calm and immediately consult a dentist or dental clinic, even if the tooth in question is only a milk tooth or if the damage looks minimal. It’s important to remember that there are permanent teeth developing underneath the milk teeth. The development of these permanent teeth may be impaired as a result of an impact on the milk tooth, which could lead to enamel defects for example.

If these are to be treated on insurance costs at a later date, the accident in question will need to have been previously documented and reported. In the event of a fall, the milk tooth itself may also have been affected to the extent that the nerve tissue may die, causing discoloration of the tooth. This can be significantly improved using composite if it proves upsetting for your child. If the nerve tissue is also inflamed, a root canal treatment may also be necessary in order to preserve the tooth for as long as possible as a placeholder for the permanent teeth.