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Fixed or removable dentures, bridges, prostheses, implants

The best option: one’s own tooth

At our practice, tooth preservation takes priority for as long as possible – a natural tooth is always better than an artificial one. If removing a tooth becomes unavoidable, there are various options regarding its replacement, such as with a fixed denture using a bridge or implant. If multiple teeth need to be replaced, there is the option of fitting a removable denture as well as a bridge to create partial dentures or even full dentures, which are primarily used in elderly or edentulous patients. In order to select the optimal solution based on the particular situation, precise treatment planning is required in close collaboration with our dental technician. Our state-of-the-art technologies such as two-dimensional jaw imaging and digital X-rays help support precise diagnostics and sustainable, forward-looking treatment.

Bridges – replacement of one or more teeth

With a bridge, the teeth next to the tooth gaps are ground so that crowns can be positioned on top of them. These teeth are referred to as abutment teeth. The two crowns are then connected by a pontic, meaning that the missing tooth can be replaced. Expanding the bridge across multiple abutment teeth means that multiple teeth can be replaced. The bridge is produced in Zurich by our Hablützel dental laboratory. The advantage of a bridge is the impressive, aesthetically pleasing result. There is no need for any clasps, as is the case in some partial dentures.

Partial dentures and full dentures

Partial dentures mean that multiple teeth can be replaced in one go. There are different methods for fitting partial dentures. One example of partial dentures are those that “cling” to existing teeth using clasps. A potential disadvantage here is the fact that these clasps often need to be placed in the visible area. Alternatively, root caps can be placed onto existing roots and act as press studs for the dentures. This eliminates the need for irritating clasps.

Full dentures replace all of the teeth in a patient’s jaw. If the jaw bone is not high enough to hold the dentures securely in place, the dentures can be stabilized using implants.

Our dentures are produced for us by prosthodontist Rolf Meier in Zurich – a decision that was made based on our long-standing experience and the excellent results achieved time and time again.


Implants – solutions for improved quality of life

Implants are excellent tooth replacements. The implantation process involves inserting a screw into the jaw where the tooth root would be, and then fitting a crown or anchoring element for a denture onto this screw following a healing phase. If our patients require implantation work, we transfer them to our trusted partner oral surgeon Dr. Wieser in Zurich district 7.