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Dental surgery

Wisdom teeth, root canal treatments and abscess treatments

Our range of dental surgery treatments includes both tooth and wisdom tooth removals, root tip resections and abscess treatments.

Wisdom-tooth removal – gentle and pain-free

Following a risk assessment using an OPG overview image, we make the decision together as to whether your wisdom teeth should be removed. The two-dimensional X-ray image of the upper and lower jaw provides a precise basis for this decision. The lack of space in the jaw and the fact that the wisdom teeth have only been able to partially emerge as a result can lead to a variety of problems, since oral hygiene cannot be performed properly.

This can lead to gum inflammations, gingival pockets, bad breath and tooth decay (including in the adjacent tooth). In a worst-case scenario, purulent abscesses can form, leading to a lot of pain and difficulty opening the mouth. There has not yet been any clear proof with regard to whether the other teeth are shifted in position as a result, but this is something that is discussed time and time again.

Impacted wisdom teeth that have not emerged into the oral cavity remain embedded in the bone due to the lack of space or misalignment. In this case, there is a risk that a cyst (retention cyst) will form around the impacted tooth. In order to eliminate all of these risks, patients in this situation will be advised to have their wisdom teeth removed under local anesthetic.


Root tip resection – the last chance for tooth rescue

If the inflammation on the root tip does not heal despite a root canal treatment, it may be necessary to carry out a root tip resection. This involves removing the root tip and the surrounding infected tissue during a surgical procedure under local anesthetic. This is the last chance to save the tooth.

Abscess treatment – quick action required

Swellings that are filled with pus are known as abscesses. If you have an abscess, it is essential that treatment measures be taken as quickly as possible. The abscess can initially be opened under local anesthetic, which usually provides significant relief from the associated pain.

The source of the inflammation then needs to be removed in another step. In severe cases, these measures may also need to be supplemented with a course of antibiotics. You must not wait before seeking treatment, as this could risk life-threatening complications.

For complex wisdom tooth operations and for implants, we transfer our patients to an experienced specialist: Dr. med. dent. Wieser has been successfully working with our practice for many years.