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Professional bleaching

For a radiant smile

It is a wish of many people to have bright white teeth. Healthy teeth strongly influence the "first impression" you make on other people. They are essential for a well-groomed appearance. White teeth convey zest for life and are considered a symbol of strength and health. 

The tooth color is an individual characteristic of humans and is naturally ivory colored. It changes through many factors in the course of life. It is completely normal for teeth to get a little darker with age. For example, the enamel wears out and the darker dentine shines through. Root-treated teeth often stain. This physiological process can be reinforced by different habits. Superficial external discoloration from tobacco, red wine, coffee or tea can be removed more or less easily during a professional dental hygiene session. However, internal discoloration can only be "reversed" by bleaching. 

Commercially available whitening preparations are not always particularly tooth-friendly. We strongly advise against whitening toothpastes as they contain highly abrasive particles that damage your teeth. If you are unsatisfied with your tooth shade, we will be happy to advise you. A preliminary dental examination is essential. This will determine whether your teeth are suitable for professional whitening and whether this would make sense. 

Linda Gwerder and Selina Dermon are convinced of our bleaching results :-):

Bleaching - gentle tooth bleaching for a radiant smile

If the dental examination revealed that a bleaching is possible, there are two options: 

Power whitening 

Thanks to our Philips whitening system, we can whiten your teeth gently with just one treatment. For this power bleaching, also called in-office bleaching, only one appointment is necessary, which takes about 60-90 minutes. For this purpose, a special gel is applied to the teeth, the active ingredient of which splits the dark color molecules in the tooth and thus discolors them. It is activated with an intense light. We will be happy to check whether this method is suitable for you during your next tooth cleaning. This method bleaches the teeth very quickly. The result varies among patients.  While for some it may only last for a few months, others are happy for years. 

Home whitening 

This whitening takes a little more time and self-discipline. First, custom-made aligners are made, you will receive these aligners and bleaching material to your home. You bleach your teeth for 1-2 weeks either at night or twice a day by filling the bleaching material into the aligners and placing the aligners on the teeth. During this time, you should avoid coloring food and drinks. You can always buy the whitening material, the aligners can usually be used for years. We are always happy to assist you.

Bleaching – gentle tooth whitening for a radiant smile

With our bleaching system, we can gently whiten your teeth in just one treatment. This power bleaching, which is also known as in-office bleaching, takes only one appointment. A special gel is applied to the teeth, and the active substance discolors the color molecules in the tooth and is activated by light. We will gladly check whether this method could work for you at your next tooth-cleaning appointment.