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Aesthetic dentistry with ceramic (veneers) or composite

Ceramic veneers for white and symmetrical teeth

A beautiful, kind smile has a real positive impact both on a person’s self-esteem and on other people. We can achieve a lot with razor-thin ceramic veneers, such as changing the tooth shape, color and position or correcting very severe tooth discolorations or other aesthetic defects.

Our veneers are produced using a complex procedure by the Werner Hablützel dental laboratory in Zurich, with whom we have been working for many years. These ceramic shells are then bonded onto your teeth. Ceramic is a very high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting dentistry material that you will be able to enjoy for a very long time, and you will no doubt be impressed by the natural-looking result.

Composite for the correction of minor defects

A more economical alternative to veneers is the aesthetic correction of minor defects using a tooth-colored composite material. This is applied directly to the affected teeth. This adhesive technology is minimally invasive, i.e. involves minimal loss of tooth substance, and achieves impressive results.

Amalgam restoration – replacing troublesome fillings

We can of course also replace dark amalgam fillings too. These are not only unsightly, but also usually very old. These fillings often have marginal gaps in which tooth decay can develop, or cracks may be visible in the existing tooth walls, which may end up causing the corresponding tooth cusps to break off.

At our practice, we aim to provide gentle amalgam removal: the removed amalgam is effectively extracted directly from the oral cavity using a special suction device. We also take care to remove the amalgam in as large pieces as possible. The decision as to whether to use ceramic or composite as a replacement material depends on the extent of the defect.

In order to improve the tooth aesthetics, we naturally also offer tooth bleaching. At our practice, we will provide you with transparent and detailed advice on your individual wishes, the treatment options available to you and the associated costs. Whether bleaching, veneers or composite, we will find the perfect solution.