Our practice philosophy – Love Your Smile

High-quality treatment results, happy patients

Teeth are so much more than just tools for chewing. They are a sign of self-esteem, happiness and attractiveness. What’s more beautiful than heart-felt laughter? Our aim is for you to be able to laugh without worrying about your teeth - without putting your hand in front of your mouth or lowering your head. Show your teeth and love your smile! We dedicate every single day to this philosophy and to improving your quality of life, and we are passionate about our work.

At our dental practice, we attach a lot of importance to the preservation of your teeth, so regular tooth cleaning and dental examinations are crucial. While high-quality replacements do exist, there is really no better option than your own tooth – the valuable original.


The practice philosophy of Dr. Anne Harder, Zurich: Love Your Smile. High-quality treatment results, happy patients
The core of the practice philosophy at the family dental practice of Dr. med. dent. Anne Harder in Zurich district 4: Love Your Smile.
The priorities involved in the practice philosophy of Zurich-based dentist Dr. Anne Harder include precise diagnostics, customized treatments and happy patients.

State-of-the-art technology for contemporary dentistry

We use the latest technologies and high-quality materials in order to provide optimal diagnostics and treatment. Dental treatments are carried out at our practice using a dental loupe in order to ensure absolute precision for long-lasting and perfect results. Modern, state-of-the-art technology such as digital X-rays provides low-radiation X-ray images and protects and is gentle on our patients. As of 2018, we can now also carry out overview imaging using our new OPG (orthopantomogram) in order to carry out wisdom tooth diagnostics, for example. These panoramic images provide two-dimensional X-ray images of the upper and lower jaw.

In order to achieve our high-quality treatment results, our entire practice team are of course continually undergoing ongoing and further training. With these capabilities and long-standing experience, we are able to provide customized and personal dental treatment. We want you to feel completely comfortable when visiting us as a patient, so that you can return home satisfied and with a smile on your face. Get in touch - we look forward to welcoming you.